The Truffle

1 October – 31 December

Characterized by a golden exterior, that may tand also to yellow, has an irregular shape , and is for sure the most known and prestigious truffle. His unique and intense smell distinguishes it from the other truffles, giving a unique taste to the dishes. It grown mainly in limestone plateaux and near rivers thanks to spring and summer rainies. The interior color has marbled nuances that go from the weak yellow to the red or brown, depending on the trees where they grow and that starve them.

15 November – 15 March

Both the interior and exterior part are deeply black. His interior shows marbling nuances going from the white to a weak red. It grows under the “Roverella” Oak, hazel tree and black hombeam, usually it growns in planes or woods on the ventilated hills. To grow up it needs light and aired zones, to be the product that chef love to cook elegant and tasty dishes. The real lovers of the truffle prefer the cousine that adopts the black périgord truffle instead of the white “cousing”.

1 October – 15 December

Is the best compromise for a good dish to taste every day. Has a delicate smell and taste, well delined, with notes of nuts, “Grana” cheese and porcine. The exterior is deep black, while the interior is characterized by shapes of brown. It grows up in soils rich of humus and under hardwood trees : the light , coming directly from the sun in facts stops the growing. It needs wet and clayey soils, rich of waters and the best trees under which they grow are black homebeam and “Rove” tree that satisfy the nutritive needs of the black hooked truffle.


15 May – 31 August

For the true truffle lovers that cannot avoid to taste it during the whole year, the summer black, called also “Scorzone”, grows in big pieces and shows an exterior that goes from the brown to the black. The interior goes from the yellow to the brown. It growns under the beech, pine and fir trees, but is possible to find it also in surface, in sandy or clayey soils. Much appreciated and utilized to prepare tasty oils, truffle sausages and other dishes, has an intense smell.